Frontier Worlds: Twelve stunning tales chronicling the future history of the human race

Earth is no longer humanity’s only home. Slowly they have colonised the galaxy, spreading ever outwards into the darkest reaches of Terran space. To some Earth is now a myth, a fairy-tale; stories told to them by their grand parents when they were children. To others the Earth is still the place they call home: a bleak, inescapable fact that must be endured in order to survive. In this exciting collection of stories chronicling the turbulent events of humanity’s struggle for survival six hundred years in our future, some of today’s leading science fiction writers take us from the vast depths of uncharted space to the surface of a shockingly different planet Earth, where civilisation is desperately trying to preserve the last shreds of its human identity.

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Dr Who Magazine Interview – Moon Blink

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New Excessica Release – ‘The Beast’

I am pleased to announce that ‘The Beast’, the first in the fairytale for modern times triology, is now available to buy from! Read an except below…

“I know you must have heard stories about me. They aren’t true. Well, not all of them.”

Zoë Fields is running from her past and Forest Pines looks like the perfect place to get lost. But Forest Pines has a secret.

Beau’s family has owned Forest Pines for generations. He doesn’t like strangers and his mansion on the hill has kept them out for years. But he hadn’t counted on Zoë Fields.

Will Zoë tame Beau, or will they both stay caged forever?